To receive a list of inventory, authorization is not required but will allow to get customer specific promotions for each product ( Example: first order discount will appear only if customer has no orders )**

In order to get a list of inventory, you need to call the new GC.InventoryService().getCatalogueAll() method, you can also pass the placeID parameter, thereby the system will return products that are available for delivery to the specified address

Example - new GC.InventoryService().getCatalogueAll(placeID)


How to get placeID?

GooglePlaceId uniquely identifies a place in the Google Places database and on Google Maps. You can use the following options to get placeId:



new GC.InventoryService().getCatalogueAll(false, [skuId])


new GC.InventoryService().getCatalogueAll(false, [skuId, skuId])


You can also make sure that it is possible to deliver the goods or goods to the specified address

new GC.InventoryService().getCatalogueAll(placeID, [skuId])


new GC.InventoryService().getCatalogueAll(placeID, [skuId, skuId])

If i you need to if delivery is possible to the specific address prior to getting inventory you can use the new GC.DeliveryService().checkDeliveryAddress(placeId) method.
This method will return true/false depending on whether delivery to this address is possible